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I have attended two seminars by a wonderful Nurse mid-wife, Stephanie Fritz. She is an amazing trailblazer of natural, healthy pregnancies, deliveries and recoveries. Since I have spent the last 12 years of my nursing career in pediatrics and mother-baby (postpartum), I get a lot of questions in this regard. I am including my notes from these seminars. Here’s to happy, healthy moms and babies!

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Essential Oils in Pregnancy/Post partum

(Notes taken from lecture by Stephanie Fritz, midwife 10/22/11. All recommendations are her opinion as a midwife and are not intended to diagnose or cure.) **I have updated mynotes from the second course I took from her 9/14/12. I also bought her book, which has all of this info and more and I highly recommend. ”Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth & Babies” –Stephanie Fritz LM, CPM

Essential oils are safe during pregnancy. Use common sense, skin is more sensitive during pregnancy. Use a carrier oil such a fractionated coconut oil. Do not use in eyes or ears. Even clary sage is ok, but use with caution until last 4 weeks (can cause contractions). Life long vitality pack is the best prenatal vitamin. Contains adequate amounts (400 units) of folate which is the whole food form of folic acid (typically synthetic) **This supplemental vitamin trio is amazing. It includes a cellular vitality complex, a blend of essential oils and omega 3s (with tons of DHA to help prevent postpartum depression) as well as a food nutrient complex so you’re sure to get all those essential vitamins and minerals. Best prenatal vitamin ever. In addition, there’s a new supplement called DDR prime that is as close to anti-cancer as you can get, really. When our cellular DNA is exposed to toxins, they do one of three things: 1. if the body has adequate nutrition and immune response, the cell is will repair itself 2. the cell will die (apoptosis–a natural process of cell death) 3. a mutagenic response will occur (pre-cancer/cancer) The DDR complex contains a powerful blend of essential oils that prevent the damage in the first place (frankincense, thyme, lemongrass), induce apoptosis of cells that are ready to die (lemongrass, clove, melaleuca) and decrease oxidative stress (orange, summer savory).



White fir/lavender combined (great “owie spray” for kids–in spray bottle with water)

Braxton Hicks–lavender

Stretch Marks–Frankincense, Lavender & myrrh Swelling/water retention–3-5 drops lemon, grapefruit, cypress, aromatouch Also encourages 80-100 grams protein per day

3-4 quarts of water per day with citrus oil (lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit) Miscarriage Clary sage—lower abdomen, pinky toe. (also on bottoms of feet for sleep) Deep blue blend (roller) Lavender & white fir to abdomen for pain relief solace to abdomen

Emotional stability (any to feet or diffuse) Clary sage Geranium Lavender Frankincense Wild orange

Labor –apply oils to feet to help instill confidence throughout labor. Keeps you focused, present, grounded. (She also puts it in the water of water births.) Back Labor– peppermint, white fir, past tense, diffuse wild orange and balance to calm everyone :)

Pain (any)Peppermint White fir Black pepper

Pain Blend: 5 drops ylang ylang 4 drops helichrysum n 2 drops peppermint 2 drops clary sage Combine with carrier and rub on abdomen during labor. Perineal/crowning support–20 drops helichrysum with 2 tablespoons fractionated coconut oil. rub all over perineum. This adds lubrication. decreases trauma, swelling, bleeding. prevents bruising. decrease infection in babe.

Peppermint has been used to turn a breach baby. The babe will turn away from the cold feel from the oil applied to mom’s abdomen.

All things pregnancy and newborn2 All things pregnancy and newborn3

Newborn (within first hour of life) Frankincense to crown and spine (no dilution) Myrrh on umbilical cord after it is cut (no dilution. Acts like a liquid band aid, seals tissue, dries quicker, decrease risk of infection.) Balance to bottoms of feet (no dilution) Melissa to bottoms of feet (no dilution) Mother to talk to baby during this transition period. Postpartum

Afterpains/contractions—lavender & white fir, solace. Diffuse geranium, lavender, sandalwood, ylang yang. Postpartum depression (due to lack of DHA)

*Day 4 post delivery tends to be the hormonal peak, milk comes in, people stop bringing dinner J Prepare and prevent by taking time for yourself on day 4. (ie: foot massage, chick flick, etc.) Diffuse lavender, grapefruit, ylang ylang. Combine 1 drop rose, 1 drop wild orange and 3 drops sandalwood; apply to bottoms of feet.

Peri-spray for perineum—20-30 drops immortelle in 15 ml glass spray bottle. Fill the rest of bottle with coconut oil. Use spray top. Spray on bottom each time you change pad. Breastfeeding Dry, cracked nipples—myrrh, geranium, sandalwood, frankincense. Mastitis (every hour)—melaleuca, thyme, clove, rosemary, wild orange, citrus bliss.

*also grated potato (raw, cold). Mix with few drops of above oil and place directly to breast. Cover in saran wrap. Increase milk flow–2-3 times per day apply to breast (not nipple): fennel, basil, geranium, clary sage. Digestzen and honey. Decrease milk supply–Peppermint 2-3 drops per day Slim & sassy has peppermint—use with caution. Well Baby Overall well-being–Frankincense & Balance to feet Jaundice–Geranium & lemon to feet (no dilution) Diaper Rash–Sandalwood, myrrh, immortelle or Lavender and corn starch colic–digestzen, fennel, ginger

teething–clove, white fir


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