Bon Voyage Jet Lag!

Travel can be thrilling, enlightening and rejuvenating. It can also be plain exhausting. When you’re soaring through time zones it can be hard for your internal clock to keep up. Your most basic processes are completely jumbled and your body can’t quite sort itself out. Hello jet lag. Jet lag is so rough, am I right? You’re groggy, you’re irritable… it’s a brand new day in a new place, but all you want to do is catch some shut-eye.

With all of my various opportunities to travel, I’ve had quite a bit of time adjusting to do. Luckily I’ve found some tried-and-true ways to (naturally!) combat the dreaded jet lag and hit the ground running after a long day in the air. Here are my tips!



Here’s to a new year full of happy, well-adjusted travels!


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