Cleaning with Essential Oils: Laundry

I’m back with another tip for cleaning your home with essential oils and today we’re talking all about those dirty clothes.

Football season is in full swing and at my house that means daily loads of smelly, sweaty laundry! If you’ve been there you know that running those jerseys through the wash just once doesn’t cut the grime completely. Well, here’s a little trick that has made the challenge SO much easier! Essential oils + detergent. Listen, when I use this stuff I know my kid’s clothes are getting a serious clean as well as the disinfecting protection that comes from the essential oil blend into the detergent dispenser and it’s like magic. It’s all about natural odor elimination— try a blend of lemon, lime, pine, citronella, melaleuca, and cilantro — they’ll go to work and the results are amazing. No more stinky, just fresh clothes ready for another day out on the field!

Be sure to follow along as I share more ways to clean and protect your home naturally, effectively, and safely.

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