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About-oilRN1My name is Sarah, oilRN.

I’m married and we have five young children. I’ve been a registered nurse “RN” for 13 years, so I am medically minded and thankful for the advancements in modern medicine. I am also a firm believer that we were given this earth for our benefit and that there are powerful agents found in it, as well. One of those being essential oils. I am passionate about sharing natural solutions with others through powerful and pure essential oils.

oilRN’s favorite oils:

Lavender & Frankincense. Can’t live without them.

oilRN’s favorite oil based products:

I love replacing every day items like vitamin supplements and toothpaste with natural, safe, HEALTHFUL products.

Sarah’s “Why”:

I’ve been thinking a lot about my “why” lately. We all have a why, whether we know and embrace it or not. Without a why, I probably wouldn’t get out of bed in the morning. I probably wouldn’t dream. But I do get out of bed. And I do have dreams. I have five big reasons to be engaged in this world and they make up the majority of my heart, wishes and dreams. They are my husband and four children. Of course, I have many other loves in my life: home, family, education, career and above all, faith. I have had a mantra of sorts over the last year to “let go and let God”, if you will. I believe He wants and intends to guide our lives to grant us the happiness and eternal life that is His work and glory to provide, if we will let Him do so. I have seen His work in action. I have also had a phrase written on my heart over the last few weeks: “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God”…truly “see” Him in every walk and waking moment if we take the time to notice and acknowledge His hand. So another part of my why is to become the most pure in heart that I possibly can. How this relates to my purpose here on this blog, I’ll try to explain.

This is not a path I have chosen. I can say wholeheartedly that it has chosen me. I have been working as a Registered Nurse for the last 11 years of my life in a hospital setting and I have truly enjoyed it and found part of my identity through my work. In fact, this work is the reason I was intrigued by the therapeutic properties found in essential oils. I am an advocate for self and process improvement. I think it is a shame to do things the way we do them just because they’ve been done that way for a hundred years. I found myself at a research festival listening to nurses speak out about research and testing the system to make improvement. I concurred and I wanted to provide a change. I have been acquainted with an anesthesiologist who is also an aromatherapist here in Arizona who has been an inspiration and mentor. He is passionate about implementing aromatherapy in hospital healthcare as he has done in his own practice. I also saw a news clip about nurses in a busy emergency room at Vanderbilt hospital in Nashville, Tennessee that did test the system and found positive results. They used essential oils to decrease workload stress and anxiety in their medical staff. So my journey began and continues as I have committed myself to sharing what I know about nature’s medicine in the healthcare system and in the healthcare of families like mine. I am passionate. I believe and live what I teach. My goal here is to share that with as many people as would like to hear. I have found a tool that gives me power in my home. Power and ability to help and soothe, balance and heal. Essential oils are truly a gift of the earth. They are a tool that when used properly, can help our bodies function at a more optimal level. I am a medically minded individual. I am grateful each day for modern medicine and my knowledge of the magnificent and complex miracle that the human body is. I believe that we are given plants and natural products from the earth for our benefit and good. I hope to share the good with you through education, experience, and testimonials. Please visit me here and on our Facebook page if you have questions. Please share your experiences and pictures with me via email at [email protected]

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or are interested in learning more and joining my team. I am happy to be able to offer personal consultations to help you identify which essential oils can help you reinvent your own personal healthcare!

Best wishes & wellness,


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