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oilRN’s tips

My name is Sarah, fondly referred to as the oilRN.

I am a mother of four, a wife and Registered Nurse. Having worked in the women’s and children’s health for nearly 14 years, I have had the blessing of learning about and caring for the body. It is truly a miracle and its intricacies have always fascinated me. Watching a newborn baby enter the world, so perfect and whole, and witnessing him innately take his first breath, has been one of God’s greatest gifts to me. I am, however, often disconcerted by the fact that I am unable to offer natural solutions in a hospital setting. I was introduced to essential oils over four years ago and started finding repeated success at home with my own family. However, the more success I had at home, the more frustrated and sad I was at work. I decided that something had to be done! I began my journey with essential oils with a desire to integrate what I knew into my workplace, to benefit the staff and patients. This journey has grown into a firm commitment to educate anyone and everyone that will listen, about the powerful health benefits of essential oils. I am fascinated with the idea of integrating natural medicine into modern healthcare.

Along my journey, I have met and reconnected with many like-minded people, including health care professionals who are also interested in offering natural products but didn’t know where to turn. I have joined forces with these healthcare professionals (specifically RNs) to continue to share our message of hope to those seeking an alternative or complementary option for their health concerns.
This website was designed with the intent to provide credible information regarding essential oil application & everyday use. I encourage you to reinvent your own personal healthcare, for it is no one’s responsibility but your own. I urge you to open your mind to learning about the natural tools the earth provides that we can use to benefit and prevent.

As RNs, we are on a mission to EDUCATE and INTEGRATE!
Thank you for joining us! Please take a moment to watch the video above, to see for yourself what powerful effects plants can have!

Best wishes & wellness,
Sarah, oilRN